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Welcome to Remote Medical Relief!

A group of Doctors and Professionals have set up Remote Medical Relief (RMR), which is a Non-Profit organisation. It’s purpose is to provide medical care to impoverished villages in Bangladesh.

RMR would fund each of these missions , providing doctors & medications completely FREE to the Villages.

Many of our founders and supporters of RMR work as senior doctors across the world namely UK, Australia and Qatar. They will also work for FREE whenever they visit Bangladesh. Other members of our team will be working in the background ensuring logistical support for a successful delivery with robust clinical governance in place.

The cost of providing GP style medical consultations will cost approx. £150 for one Village. This will ensure we can provide good medical care to 40-50 patients including FREE medications & offer Health Promotion & advice.

The medical team will be ‘locally sourced, and will expertly deliver’!

Typical project costs ;

* £5 a month will cover the care of a pregnant mother

*£10 a month will cover diabetes care for 5 people a month.

£20 per month will help with child health care & looking after the vulnerable ( elderly , disabled, high risk patient group)

£50- £75 will pay for the medicine for one village visit.

£100 per month will provide free consultation and medications for 30 people in a village

£150 will pay for a full clinic, medications & health screening plan. You can gift this to a village of your choice!

As RMR grows, we will expand the service to look at more complex health care needs ;

– Maternal Health
– Childrens Health
– Health Screening
– Diet and Sanitation
– Mental Health
– Chronic Disease Management
– Health Education
– Training local people in First Aid , health care assistants etc
– collaboratively with other organisation


What makes Remote Medical Relief unique? 

– The Patient is at the Centre of our Care , our VIP’s !

– We are a Mobile Based Service; we Go to patients directly!

– We save patients money, time & hassle searching for a trustworthy clinic

– We have absolute minimal overheads – ‘simplicity, reproducible model’ means more money to treat more patients !

– We will also provide medical consultations Remotely ( Telemedicine ) completely FREE, from our founding Members!

– Our local medical team will have instant support for challenging complex cases, supported by Specialists Dr’s from UK and other parts of the world, instantly!

– We will be setting up continuity of care models

– We will set projects in villages where there is an urgent need ( clean water and sanitation etc)

-Working with A’isha Help Charity gives us access to many vital resources & other projects which will look at Improving the quality and lives of our patients

– We are a totally Non profit Organisation. Our founders pay a charitable contribution to keep our services FREE.

– We need more members and donors!

– Urgent need to expand services , improve access and treatment to millions of people. For this we need your support!

– We are a remote based service;

How can you get involved?

– Bring awareness amongst family, friends, peers !
– Share our page and like it! –
– set up standing orders per monthly

– One off donations

– Sponsor a Child Orphan,
– Sponser a critical illness
– Water well Projects
– Micro lending projects
– projects under review

– Many Projects are Zakat Eligible

– If you are a doctor visiting Bangladesh, we can arrange for you to volunteer in one of our clinics ! Open your eyes to a different style of consultation! Very rewarding !

Insha Allah We hope to get your Support, Prayers and Donations!

Thank You !

RMR Team!



Dr Bilal Uddin Khan
Dr Nasima Hussain Khan
Dr Syed Nazrul Islam
Dr Mahraj Syed
Dr Mukhtarul Islam ( Roni)
Dr Anur Miah
Dr Azadul Islam
Dr Monir Miah
Dr Rajia Khatun
Dr Andrew Jeremijenko
Mr Syed Mujib Ahmed
Mr Shah Ashraf Miah Kamaly
Mrs Salma Khanam
Mr Mohbub Ali
Professor Shafi Ahmed



Mrs Fathima Hussain
Mr Salim Suleman

Dr Sabrina Hussain

Dr Abdur Rahim

Dr Osman Goni

Mr Kobir Ahmed Ali

Dr Ali Ahmed Shuaib
Dr Usman Asad Rahman
Dr Nasr Ali
Dr Omar Hussain
Dr Shahed Chowdhury
Dr Enamul Hoque
Dr Mobeen Ali

Dr Kazi Rashed Akhtar

Mr Jahangir Ahmed
Mr Fazlul Qureshi

Abdul Rajib

Dr Saqib Latif

Dr H S

Syed Ahmed 

Halima Hussain 

Mamun Ahmed 

Nuruz Zaman 

Mansoor Shafique 

Dr Noor Jahan 

Salma Khanam 

Rahela Akhtar

Shaja Miah

Mozahidul Miah 

Dr Zahid Habib 

Shirin Hassanjee 

Dr Misbah Hoque 

Enva Hussain 

Dr Khaled Ghufoor 

Dr Jahangir Ahmed 

Syed Ahmed 

Asma Rauf 

Newa Begum 

Dr Aamir Iqbal 

Kazi Akhtar 

Dr Seemab Rauf


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Remote Medical Relief 

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