About Us

About Us

Aishah Help is a UK based women led organisation that supports disadvantaged communities to achieve their personal, social and economic potential. We reach out to those individuals who are in the greatest of need, suffering hardship, disadvantaged, isolated or marginalised from society and help them become independent. Aishah Help works to end the injustice of poverty. Through the provision of immediate relief and establishment of self-sustaining development programmes, we aim to invest in real and effective solutions. 


Salma Khanam founded Aishah Help from her home in 2019. As a social worker and public health advisor she saw that many women and children are in need of safety and security. With little or no support to find a job or learn new skills, they remain trapped in a cycle of poverty. Salma wanted to change this. 

Aishah Help is also inspired by the great legacy of Aishah Bint Abi Bakr (ra) the Mother of the believers. The wife of prophet Muhammad (saw). Aishah (ra) spent her time in learning and acquiring knowledge. Aishah (ra) not only possessed great knowledge but took an active part in education and social reform. 

Our Vision  

We strive for a world full of hope and free of poverty, where people live in dignity, helping the vulnerable wherever our help is needed.  

Our Mission  

Our mission is to give people hope and serve vulnerable communities in dignified ways by responding to their needs. 

Charitable Objectives  

Aishah Help is a non-profit organisation working across the globe to strengthen humanity’s fight against poverty, social injustice and natural disaster.    Our objective is to advance such charitable purposes according to the law of England and Wales as the board members see fit from time to time, including:       

  • The prevention or relief of poverty.      
  • Advancement of education, health or the saving of lives, citizenship or community development.       
  • The relief of those in need by reason of youth, age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantages.  

Our Board

Colsum Ara Akanjee-Khan


Colsum Ara Akanjee-Khan is a dedicated professional with a background in psychology and extensive experience in community support and mental health services. With a strong commitment to addressing inequalities and improving access to healthcare, Colsum has played pivotal roles in orgasisations such as Mind in Tower Hamlets and Newham and the NHS. Her versatile career includes positions in education and childcare, highlighting her dedication to the well-being of individuals and communities. Colsum's expertise and passion make her a valuable asset in promoting positive change and supporting those in need.

Fatima Wahid


Fatima Wahid is a seasoned Trustee with a rich history of contributions to the accounting industry. Her skill set encompasses Management, Social Media Marketing, Fundraising, Healthcare Management, and Healthcare. She proudly holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Public Health from London Metropolitan University. Her educational background and keen business sense by managing advertising services for charities. Fatima manages an advertising company that works in the charity sector. She's on a mission to improve the world, one campaign at a time, leveraging her expertise to drive positive change. Fatima is dedicated to making a positive difference in the world, leveraging her expertise to drive positive change.as

Khadija Khanom


Khadija Khanom, our spirited trustee at Aishah Help, who adds a twist of humor and a dash of humanity to everything she does. With a BA in Psychology and Sociology, Khadija is not just talented in her professional endeavours; she's also a cake connoisseur, creating and selling delicious cakes. Her skills don't stop at the boardroom; they extend to the kitchen, where she whips up mouthwatering treats that are as impressive as her business acumen. Khadija's diverse skill set and extensive experience have made her an invaluable asset in numerous roles. Her unique blend of humour and compassion makes her a standout member of the Aishah Help team, where she brings her expertise to impact the lives of those we serve positively. With Khadija on board, we're not just about making a difference; we're doing it with a smile and a hearty laugh. Welcome to Aishah Help!

Salma Khanam


Salma Khanam is a seasoned Health Coach with a strong public health and prevention background. Her expertise includes Behaviour Change, Medicine, Volunteer Management, and Public Speaking. She holds an MA in Social Work from Middlesex University and a BSc in Bioscience (Nutrition) from London South Bank University. Salma's career reflects her unwavering commitment to improving public health. Her academic qualifications and professional achievements make her a valuable health coaching and education asset. She is recognised and endorsed by peers for her skills in dietetics, child welfare, and public health. Beyond her professional achievements, Salma contributes to research, further demonstrating her dedication to promoting healthier lifestyles and communities. She continues to be a driving force for better public health outcomes, using her knowledge and experience to impact individuals and communities positively.