Senior Management Team

Salma Khanam is a seasoned Health Coach with a strong background in public health and prevention. Her expertise includes Behavior Change, Medicine, Volunteer Management, and Public Speaking. She holds an MA in Social Work from Middlesex University and a BSc in Bioscience (Nutrition) from London South Bank University.Salma’s career reflects her unwavering commitment to improving public health. Her academic qualifications and professional achievements make her a valuable asset in health coaching and education. She is recognised and endorsed by peers for her skills in dietetics, child welfare, and public health. Beyond her professional achievements, Salma contributes to research, further demonstrating her dedication to promoting healthier lifestyles and communities. She continues to be a driving force for better public health outcomes, using her knowledge and experience to positively impact individuals and communities.

Rita Wahid is a seasoned social worker with a wealth of experience spanning over 10 years in the social care and community sector. Her academic foundation includes a Master of Arts in Social Work from Middlesex University and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Criminology from Westminster University. Rita’s educational background has equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of the complexities within social work and community dynamics. Currently, Rita holds the role of Associate Fundraiser, where she channels her expertise to support charitable causes. Her dedication to the social care field goes beyond direct practice, as she leverages her skills to contribute to the financial sustainability of organisations committed to making a positive impact on communities. Rita’s extensive experience in social work, coupled with her academic achievements, positions her as a valuable asset in navigating the challenges and opportunities within the social care and community sectors. Her commitment to uplifting individuals and communities shines through both her professional work and her continuous efforts to support charitable initiatives.