Loneliness Scale

This scale comprises 3 questions that measure three dimensions of loneliness: 

1. Relational connectedness

2. Social connectedness 

3. Self-perceived isolation

The scale generally uses three response categories: Hardly ever / Some of the time / Often

Hardly ever (1)Some of the time (2)Often (3)
How often do you feel that you lack companionship?
How often do you feel left out?
How often do you feel isolated from others

In order to score your answers, your responses should be coded as follows:

Response Score 

Hardly ever 1 

Some of the time 2 

Often 3

The scores for each individual question can be added together to give you a possible range of scores from 3 to 9. Researchers in the past have grouped people who score 3 – 5 as “not lonely” and people with the score 6 – 9 as “lonely”.