Find out everything you need to know about Zakat

What Is Zakat?

Zakat, also spelled Zakah or Zakaat, is one of the five pillars of Islam and an act of worship. The meaning of zakat is “to purify” and so to purify our own wealth all Muslims are obliged to pay a portion of one’s assets to help those in need. Zakat benefits the giver as well as the receiver.

Who has to pay Zakat?

All Muslim adults who are sane and possess the nisab (a minimum amount of wealth held for a year) should pay Zakat.

What is the nisab?

The nisab is a minimum amount of wealth that a Muslim must possess for a whole year before zakat becomes due.

How much is the nisab?

Nisab can be determined in terms of gold or silver – The current value of Nisab in Gold can be calculated for you.

How much Zakat do I need to pay?

Although there are no specific guidelines in the Holy Qur’an on exact percentages to be given as Zakat, the customary practice is to give 2.5% on capital assets.

How to calculate my Zakat?

You don’t have to do lots of complicated maths to work out your Zakat payment – simply use the various online Zakat Calculators available online.

How to calculate my Zakat?

After using a Zakat Calculator, you can donate your zakat.